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D-LA2A - A 2 channel faithful reproduction of the classic LA2A levelling amplifier


The D-LA2A is a 2 channel faithful reproduction of the classic LA-2A levelling amplifier. This design has the capability of running as two mono units or linked together to create a stereo limiter for mastering or bus compression. This design features custom made hand wired Sowter Audio transformers as well as a very useful ‘Broadcast safe’ mode which puts the unit in to true bypass when no power is present.

The original LA2A was immediately acknowledged for its smooth, natural compression characteristics. A unique tube-driven electro-optical attenuator system allows instantaneous gain reduction with no increase in harmonic distortion.

The D-LA2A features the same circuit design as the original unit utilizing the classic T4B opto cell in its detection circuit along with a tube driven amplifier circuit. Coupled with this the D-LA2A also has a frequency response selector switch which filters out LF in the detection circuit to allow you to achieve smoother compression with bass heavy sources and give you more creative control. Each unit is hand wired and calibrated to order, which means there may be a lead-time from purchase.

Price: RRP £2275 inc VAT

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  • True to the original design and performance
  • T4B Optical attenuator system
  • All tube gain stages
  • Custom built handmade Sowter Audio transformers
  • Selectable frequency response for attenuator circuit
  • ‘Broadcast Safe’ True Bypass
  • Comp and Limit mode
  • THD les than 0.5%
  • 80db of gain
  • frequency response 30hz to 20khz
  • meter db gain reduction and db output
  • Hand wired and built
  • 3-year warranty

Price: RRP £2275 inc VAT

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