Bespoke hand built pro-audio equipment

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Morbin Audio specialises in making and designing hand built pro-audio equipment, repairing/modifying pro-audio equipment and consulting on studio design and wiring. The underlying aspect of all this stems from the fact that its founder comes from an engineers and producers perspective. That founder is me, Jonathan Morbin.

I began making pro-audio equipment as a means to own and use the best quality equipment for my own recording and production needs but quickly realised that it would be possible to offer this same quality equipment to others. Even though I grew up in the digital age of music I believe the best sounding music comes from analogue recording equipment.

All the products that Morbin Audio makes are hand made to the highest quality using the best components and materials where it maters. This care and attention to detail ensures that you are getting the best sounding equipment possible. The one big ethos which I believe in is service to the customer, I like to know the people who I am making equipment for and I am always on hand to help out with any needs. Its one of the most important things about owning a studio, having someone you can trust to fix your equipment and advise on ways to improve your set up.

Anything is possible with the right resources and knowledge.

Jon Morbin

Owner of Morbin Audio