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Mix bus compressor
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C76a - A faithful reproduction of the legendary FET based current limiting amplifier first seen in the 1960’s


The C76a is a faithful reproduction of the legendary FET based current limiting amplifier first seen in the 1960’s. This vintage design features a silver brushed-aluminium face with a blue stipe just like the original and custom designed British made audio transformers from Sowter. All 1176 compressors have there own personalities but none more so than the original blue strip design which exhibits its own unique character.

The classic 1176 was a major breakthrough in limiter technology, the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry offering superior performance with a signature. The ultra-fast attack time is a trademark sound of the 1176 and the ability to ‘Slam’ audio tracks has given the design pride of place in the studio.

The C76a also features a ‘broadcast safe’ mode implementing a true bypass when there is no power to the unit. Together with this as standard all units come with stereo linking capability, so why not buy 2 and have a stereo pair! Each unit is hand wired and calibrated to order, which means there may be a lead-time from purchase.

The C76a is great on guitar, vocals and even bass. But the compressor really shines on a snare drum, a room mic or a pair on a drum buss.

Price: RRP £990 inc VAT
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  • True to the Classic Rev A 1176 compressor in design and performance
  • Custom british made audio transformers from Sowter
  • Hand wired and calibrated
  • Class a line level output amplifier
  • Ultra fast attack time
  • Famous ‘Slam’ or ‘All button’ mode
  • 55db of gain
  • Frequency Response ± 1 dB 20 Hz to 20kHz
  • Less than 0.4% total harmonic distortion from 50 Hz to 20 kHz with limiting
  • Attack time, 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
  • Release time, 50 milliseconds to 1 second
  • 19″ Rackmount chassis, 2U
  • Hand wired and built
  • 3-year warranty

Price: RRP £990 inc VAT

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